Production Room Insulation – 12/03/2016

This project has been one of the toughest undertakings of my life.  Today was an example of the tons of the things that I have been doing that don’t really directly contribute to making spirits, but are just pieces of the overall goal that I have been going through over the last 2.5 yrs in order to create Copper Cannon Distillery.  I worked on insulating the production room ceiling.  The room is 806 square feet.  So it was pretty much 806 square feet more of a pain in the ass than I wanted to deal with on a Saturday.  This was a pretty big undertaking considering I have never hung insulation on this scale before in my life.  Unless you want to be coughing like you have been smoking menthol cigarettes for the last 20 yrs and scratching like a crackhead who hasn’t had a fix in 10 days, a face mask and long sleeve shirt is a must!!    But overall it came out pretty good.  I even put a plastic layer up to protect from moisture.  

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